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How to Choose a QR Code Reader for an Android Operating System

By Joe Waters

A QR Code reader decodes the squares within a QR Code and redirects your phone to an online destination chosen by the code creator. You can’t go wrong if you stick with the preloaded app store on your device. It’s the direct link to QR Code readers — and other applications — that are sure to work on your device.

The Android operating system controls a whopping 40 percent of the smartphone market. It’s no wonder that many popular smartphones, including those made by HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and others come with Android operating systems.

Some devices that run the Android operating system come with a barcode scanner. If yours doesn’t, here’s how to download a QR Code reader for your Android device:

  1. Find and touch the Google Play store icon on your mobile device.


  2. Type QR Code reader into the Search bar.

    A list of QR Code and other barcode readers appears. Pick a free reader for now. For the time being, here are the top three free readers in Android’s Google Play store, based on customer reviews:

    • QR Droid (4.5 out of 5 stars)

    • QuickMark Barcode Scanner (4.5 stars)

    • QR Barcode Scanner (4.0 stars)

    You can also search for these readers by name.

  3. Tap the reader you want and tap Download at the top right.