How to Choose a Page Manager for Your Facebook Marketing Page - dummies

How to Choose a Page Manager for Your Facebook Marketing Page

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

The Page manager is the admin of your Facebook Marketing Page who is ultimately responsible for managing your Page and making sure that it runs smoothly. In many ways, this admin manages the other admins who you’ve assigned to the Page. Additionally, the Page manager should be well aware of your Facebook marketing plan and should execute that plan on a daily basis.

A Page manager interacts with your fans daily, so it’s paramount that you take the time to choose this person wisely. Most often, the person you end up choosing is already on your internal team because he knows your brand and your clients better than someone from the outside does. If you do hire an outside source, make sure that you train that person and monitor her activity closely.

Check out personality traits

When looking for the right manager for your Page, you want to make sure that person’s personality is a good fit for your audience. Here are six personality traits of a superstar Page manager:

  • Natural communicator

  • Problem solver

  • Person who enjoys people

  • Good listener

  • Professional

  • Positive and enthusiastic

In addition to these traits, consider your ideal audience. Make sure that your Page manager will connect easily with your fans.

Search for skills

Although personality traits are important for a Page manager, keep in mind that any successful Page manager must also possess these necessary skills:

  • Solid understanding of social networking

  • Social media savvy

  • Strong commitment to helping people in social channels

  • Ability to multitask and think quickly

  • Knowledge and understanding of online marketing

  • Ability to grasp how social media activity aligns with business goals

Make the final choice

To make the right decision, here are some important questions to ask before you decide who will ultimately manage your Facebook Page:

  • Does this person show the ability to be social online?

  • Does this person show a genuine interest in connecting with our clients?

  • Can I trust this person to be professional and respectful at all times?

  • Do people naturally gravitate toward this person?

  • Will this person actively contribute to new ideas to grow the Page and make it better each day?