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How to Change Your Facebook Page Settings

By Carolyn Abram

As the creator (and therefore Admin) of your Facebook Page, you have a lot of control over how people see and interact with your Page, as well as the ability to designate additional Admins. You control most of these options from the Edit Page screen. To access it, click the Edit Page button in the upper-right corner of your Page.

Click Edit Settings.
Click Edit Settings.

The top section of controls on the Edit Page screen has two different controls you can turn on or off:

  • Posting Preferences: This check box lets you decide whether the posts you make from the Publisher on your page come from you personally or from your Page.

  • E-mail Notifications: This check box lets you decide whether you want e-mail notifications about posts or comments on your Page. Depending on how busy your page is, this might get overwhelming, so remember where it is in case you need it later.

The Manage Permissions section of the Edit Page screen controls who can get to your Page and how they can interact with it:

  • Page Visibility: This check box allows you to make your Page visible to Admins only. This is most useful if the Page is under construction because you’re adding some new stuff to it. Don’t accidentally leave it in this state when you’re done making updates or your fans won’t be able to find you.

  • Country Restrictions: Leaving this box empty means everyone everywhere can see your Page. Entering specific countries means only people in those countries can see your Page.

  • Age Restrictions: By default, anyone on Facebook can see your Page. If your Page deals with adult products or themes, you may want to consider age restrictions. There’s a specific Alcohol-Related option in the drop-down if your Page is related to alcohol products.

  • Wall Tab Shows: You can choose from two options here: All Posts or Only Posts by Page. In other words, you can choose whether people can see posts from fans mixed in with posts from your Page, or just the posts from your Page. Even if you choose Only Posts by Page, people can click to see posts from fans.

  • Expand Comments: The Expand Comments check box means comments on posts are automatically visible.

  • Default Landing Tab: You can choose which tab people land on when they come to your Page. You may want people to see your Wall right away or you may want them to get the info first.

  • Posting Ability: These three check boxes allow you to choose whether you want people to be able to post to your Wall, add Photos to your Page, add tags to your Photos, and add Videos to your Page.

  • Moderation Blocklist: If your page is seeing a lot of debate, and some of it is simply offensive or not productive, you can create a moderation blocklist. If words added to the blocklist are found in a post, the post is automatically marked as Spam.

  • Profanity Blocklist: You shouldn’t need to come up with your own blocklist for the most commonly offensive terms. If you want at least a little sanitization of your Wall and Discussion boards, you can turn this to Medium. If you want it to be as PG as possible, turn it to Strong.

    Even with your blocklists on, you should still be diligent about checking your Wall, Reviews, and Discussion Boards for the types of offensive language that can’t necessarily be caught by these automatic systems.

  • Delete Page: If at some point you decide you don’t want your Page anymore, you can delete it here.