How to Build Social Proof with Sponsored Facebook Stories - dummies

How to Build Social Proof with Sponsored Facebook Stories

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Sponsored stories take word-of-mouth recommendations from Friends and promote them in Facebook Profiles as Facebook Ads. This means that when you go to Starbucks, for example, and use Facebook Places to check in, that story is posted on your Timeline and sent out into the News Feeds of your Friends. With Sponsored Stories, that post is also displayed next to the Starbucks ad. Starbucks now has social proof.

Before most people make a buying decision, they want to know that their choice is a smart one. To get reassurance, people look to their friends to give their advice and recommendations. With the rise of social networks, word-of-mouth recommendations are essential for businesses in their efforts to gain popularity and expand the ranks of their clientele.

Studies show that when it comes to buying recommendations, people trust friends’ recommendations more than they do the actual brand. Facebook has capitalized on this behavior by creating Sponsored stories.


The term social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon of people being motivated to do things that they see other people doing. Interactions on social media sites, such as Facebook, have increased the influence and reach of social proof because now it’s much easier to instantly see what your friends are doing at any time.

The posts from Sponsored stories make it seem as though your Friends are saying “I bought this!” or “I just ordered the best burger ever at Rocket Burgers!” These posts are viral, instant recommendations and may be more powerful than traditional Facebook Ads. As Facebook put it, you have the “ability to promote your content with a user experience focus.”

Research on these unique ads has shown increased brand awareness, including ad recall and likeliness to recommend to a Friend.

As you explore your opportunities with Facebook Ads, you should test Sponsored stories. The word-of-mouth feature is a powerful tool to entice new users to check out your Facebook Page and your business.