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How to Build Authority for Your Company Website Using Google+

By Jesse Stay

Building authority on the web begins with how you use your brand’s identity on your website and Google+ can be used to accomplish just that. Here are some suggested approaches:

  • Making the most of the Google+ Page Badge: Your first step in identifying yourself on your website is to link your website to your Google+ Page. There’s no better way to do so than through a simple Badge you place on your website to show your visitors more about what or who your brand is.

    The more people +1 and circle your brand because of your Badge, the greater the online authority you build. The idea is to get to the point at which Google can trust the source of information your website provides.

  • Linking authors of content to their actual Google+ profiles: A more people-focused approach always makes Google+ a much more successful tool for you and your business. That’s why you should bring people into the design of your website as a more active presence.

    With Google+, the best way to do so is to make the authors of your content more visible and accessible in the design. Show off your employees and the people behind your visitors’ online experience of your brand. Then you can use Author tags to link those authors with their actual profiles on Google+.

    Google sees this mutually reinforced content as much more authoritative because it puts a real identity behind the content; as a result, your content ranks higher in search results.

  • Integrating a Log In with Google+ button into your website to identify your customers and visitors: The Log In with Google+ button allows your visitors to log in using their Google accounts. Then you can create experiences using the data that users have given you permission to access.

    At the same time, you can publish experiences throughout your website to Google+, and users can choose which of those experiences they want to share with their friends through a yet-to-be-launched service named Google+ History, which will likely surface soon with more details.