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How to Bring Attention to Search Results for Your Company

By Jesse Stay

There are many ways to improve your company’s Google search results. Once you have implemented these techniques and are moving your way up in the world of ranking results, you will want your customers to notice this successful jump for your business. Knowing what you can do is a first step. Here are some effective (general) next steps to take:

  1. Figure out and implement your best strategy for calling attention to your search results. You can start by integrating profile tags and Badges throughout your website.

  2. Make sure you’re checking Google webmaster Tools regularly and testing the data that Google is extracting from your website. The idea is to be sure Google knows as much about your brand and those who are behind your content as possible.

  3. Test your efforts by doing a Google search for your content. How better to see how your results appear inside Google?

There are always a few techniques for improving your brand’s authority on Google by using Google+ and that process enhances your identity on the web. You can use each of these to your advantage and simultaneously gain your company more loyal customers.