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How to Attract Subscribers to YouTube to Market Your Business

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

In order to use YouTube to the advantage of your social media marketing campaign, you’ll need subscribers. People on YouTube who choose to subscribe to your channel are known as YouTube subscribers. Every time you upload a new clip, they’re notified, and their names and icons are visible on your YouTube channel page.

Think of the subscribers as similar to followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook pages. Just as you’d nurture relationships on those other social platforms, you should do so here, too. So what’s the best way to build a following of subscribers? Consider doing the following:

  • Publish quality video clips.

    You’ve probably heard many times that online, “content is king.” Think about your YouTube channel as you would a TV channel. If the content is weak, you won’t build a community of subscribers who clamor for more. You don’t have to have Spielberg-like quality, but you do need to project a certain professionalism and consistency.

  • Develop a smart video content strategy for your channel.

    Don’t just think about your channel in the context of one video at a time but rather as a channel through which you’ll publish specific pieces of content through the year — some educational, some more entertainment driven, and some news oriented videos that provide value to consumers and build your brand simultaneously.

  • Encourage commenting on your clips.

    Comments on YouTube are not unlike the comments you find on blogs or other social media sites. Some have value; some are just silly or worse. Your goal is to develop a community of people who appreciate and look forward to your new videos. If they post comments that indicate that you are meeting their needs, you’ve met your goal.

  • Subscribe to other people’s videos.

    There is twofold value in subscribing to other people’s videos. The first is that you see what the experience is like. You want to understand how it feels to subscribe and how other channel owners engage with their subscribers. Second, it gives you an opportunity to meet and share with others on their turf. They are interested in getting subscribers as much as you are. Remember, this is a social platform.

  • Share the clips on the other social platforms.

    You build good will, increase views, and get more subscribers by doing this. It also burnishes your image on those other platforms. But as you share your clips elsewhere, always put the video on YouTube first and embed from YouTube versus uploading directly to the site you’re sharing on. The one exception may be Facebook, where you’ll have higher engagement rates with your video if you upload the video directly to Facebook.