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How to Adjust Your YouTube Settings for Visual Social Marketing Optimization

By Krista Neher

From the Default Settings tab, you can edit the default settings that apply to all your visual social marketing videos. You can change these settings when you upload individual videos. The default section includes the settings described in this list:

  • Privacy: You can make your videos public or private.

  • Category: The overall category that your channel fits into.

  • License: The standard YouTube license or a Creative Commons license.

  • Title: A default title for your videos. Use keywords in your channel that your customers may be searching for.

  • Description: You can create a standard default description. Use as many characters as possible to build a description that your audience may be searching for. Take the time to completely fill out the description, to optimize your profile for searchers — it can lead to more views of your profile.

  • Tags: Add tags to your profile that describe what your videos are about.

  • Comments and responses: Choose how other users are allowed to comment on, or interact with, your videos. Allowing comments, votes, and ratings on your content increases the interactivity of the content and can lead to more views. Unless you have a problem with displaying negative comments, keep them turned on.

  • Caption certification: This option is related to posting content on your channel that has aired on television. Unless you’re a television station or posting content from a public television statement, select from the dropdown the item titled This Content Hever Aired on Television in the U.S.

  • Suggest video improvements: To show suggestions, choose between Show Edit Suggestions and Never Show Edit Suggestions.

  • Video location: You can tag a default location for your videos.

  • Video stats: If you select the check box, your video statistics are publicly visible on the page where people watch your video. To keep your statistics private, deselect the check box.

How to edit the advanced YouTube settings for visual social media optimization

Advanced settings let you customize your channel. In this section, you can change the items in this list:

  • Your Image: By clicking on the Change button under your profile photo, you can change your profile picture.

  • Your Name: Click the Change button to the right of your name to change the name associated with your YouTube channel.

  • Country: Select your country.

  • Channel Keywords: To optimize your channel keywords for searches, select keywords that your customers or other people who are interested in your content will search for. Choosing relevant keywords can attract more views to your channel and videos.

  • Advertisements: You can choose whether ads are displayed around your videos, and you can disallow advertisements only while uploading the content that you have no rights to.

  • Associated website: Add a website (especially your business’s website) to associate with your YouTube account, to help YouTube verify your site and increase your visibility in searches.

  • Channel Recommendations: You can choose whether your channel appears as a recommended channel on other channels.

  • Subscriber Counts: You can choose whether to display the number of subscribers to your channel. If this number is low, you may want to hide this statistic.

  • Google Analytics Account ID: To track your YouTube channel views and analytics, you can connect your YouTube account to your Google Analytics. Access Google Analytics and generate a new account for YouTube, and then copy the account ID into this field.

How to make the most of advanced settings for visual social media videos

After editing and optimizing the basic settings, you can also edit the advanced settings. To do so, click on the Advanced Settings tab at the top of the editing page.

In addition to the basic settings, you can edit a number of new ones:

  • Distribution Options: Lets you further customize how people find and share your videos. If you pick the first option, Allow Embedding, other users can embed your video to display on their websites. If you want your videos displayed only on your site and YouTube, do not select this option. Selecting the second option, Notify Subscribers, notifies people who subscribe to your channel of your new video.

  • Age Restrictions: If your content isn’t appropriate for viewers of all ages, you may choose to select the Enable Age Restrictions box. Doing so disallows underage users from viewing your video.

  • Recording Date: Set this option to the date that the video was recorded, if you want to share the date of the video with the video information.

  • 3D Video: You can choose the 3D video option that’s appropriate for your video. Most videos have the default setting, No Preference.

  • Video Statistics: Selecting this check box makes the statistics about views of your video publicly viewable.

After you customize the advanced settings, you can click the blue Save and Share button in the lower-left corner to post the video on your channel and share it with subscribers.