How to Adjust Your Personal Timeline for Public Viewing to Market Your Business - dummies

How to Adjust Your Personal Timeline for Public Viewing to Market Your Business

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

If you’ve placed Life Events that support your business on your personal Timeline, you’ll want to see how your Timeline looks to the public. You can view your personal Timeline as though different types of people are viewing it: the Public or a particular Friend.

To do that, click the gear icon and choose View As from the drop-down menu; then click the Public link and look through your entire Timeline to see what Joe Public sees. If you see anything that you don’t want the public to see, you need to go back to your Timeline and change who can see a particular post.

For example, when viewing your Timeline as the Public, if you find a post that you meant just your Friends to see, click the Back to Timeline button (at top of the Page) and find that particular post; find the globe icon (to change view settings), click the drop-down arrow, and choose Friends instead of Public.


Click the gear icon again, choose View As, and this time type a Friend’s name in the Enter a Friend’s Name text box (in the upper-left area of the Page); now you see how your Timeline looks to him. Think about your business and how your subscribers will see your account.

Use this system of checking what’s public and what’s for Friends to clean up your Profile. If you’re using your personal Profile to support your business, make sure the Public view does just that. Change the view settings to fit the types of posts you make on Facebook.