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How to Add Updates to Your Business’s Facebook Page

Maintaining a steady stream of updated content helps you attract new members from the Facebook community to your business’s Facebook Page, as well as interact with them. These updates also help keep your existing fans interested and engaged.

You can choose from two types of features that post content to your Wall: the Update feature and the Notes feature.

Updating your status with the Status Update text box

You can easily use the Update feature by entering a status update in the Status Update text box. You’re limited to 420 characters, including spaces, which is about 4 to 5 lines of text (significantly longer than a Twitter post’s 140 characters). After you enter the text, be sure to click the Share button to post the status update to your Wall.

You also can add a message and a link to an article or news item of interest for your fans:

  1. Click the Link button, which is above the Status Update text box.

  2. Enter your link in the hyperlink box that appears and click “Attach.”

    Once you click “Attach,” a new Status Update box appears where you can type your own message.

  3. (Optional) If your article has any images, you can select a thumbnail to accompany the post.

    Alternatively, just click the No Thumbnail box if you don’t want one.

  4. In the text box, enter any message you would like to accompany the link.

    Always stay on brand, meaning make sure the content relates to your business in some way. And consider keeping your links on the positive side. No need to associate negative news with your business.

  5. Click Share.


    A short summary of the article appears below your message.

You can use the Status Update text box to quickly and easily post events, videos, and photos to your Wall simply by clicking one of the icons to the left of the Share button.

Using Notes to update fans

Of all the content-creation tools that you can use to share a post in Facebook, the Notes feature offers you the most flexibility.

Notes have a title and body copy, much like an e-mail or blog post, and Facebook doesn’t restrict the length of notes. (However, it does restrict the title to 128 characters, including spaces.) You can even add photos to your Notes, either by choosing from an existing Facebook album or by uploading a new one.

Add a note to your Page:

  1. Open the Notes tab.

    If you don’t already have a Notes tab visible on your Page, click the plus sign (+) at the right end of the tab bar, and then select Notes in the list that appears.

  2. Click the Write a Note button.


    The Write a Note page appears.

  3. Compose your note by entering the requested information.

    Facebook asks for these items:

    • Title: Add a title up to 128 characters in length.

    • Body: Type as much body text as you want, as well as HTML commands.

    • Tags: If you mention any of your friends in your note, you can tag them by typing their name and then choosing the correct person from the options that pop up.

  4. If you want to import a photo, click the Add a Photo button and then click the Browse button to navigate to the image you want to upload.

    If you want to use a photo from a Facebook album, click the Add a Photo button and select the photo.

    You can enter a caption in the Caption text box to the right of the photo.

  5. If you added a photo, tag someone in it by clicking the Preview button at the bottom of the notes section, and then clicking the photo you want to tag.

    A screen appears where you can tag the photo by clicking, yes you guessed it, Tag This Photo, on the right of the screen.

  6. When you’re finished, click the Back to Note link on the top-left to return to the preview your note.

  7. Click the Publish button to publish your note.