How to Add the Wildfire App to You Facebook Business Page - dummies

How to Add the Wildfire App to You Facebook Business Page

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Wildfire is an option you can use on your Facebook business page if you are considering running a contest for your fans. The easiest way to sign up with Wildfire is to follow these steps:

  1. Click the Login button in the top-right corner of the home page.

  2. In the page that appears, click the Sign Up for an Account link.

    The sign-up form appears.

  3. Enter your first and last name, company name, e-mail address, and password.

  4. Click Like to like Wildfire on Facebook.

  5. Select the Agree to Terms check box.

    You can review the terms first by clicking the terms-of-service link, if you want.

  6. Click the Create Account button.

    You’re taken to the Wildfire dashboard.


  7. Click the Promotions link on the left sidebar, or click the Promotions icon in the lower-left corner.

    You see a screen that has a list of your promotions if you have created any in the past. Since this is your first campaign, you don’t have any listed.

  8. Click the Create a Campaign button.

    A pop-up window appears.


  9. Select the type of campaign that you want to run.

    You’re taken to the Campaign Details screen. Wherever you see a question mark in a black circle, you can mouse over the question mark to get more details about what you should enter in that field.


  10. Fill out the details of your campaign, including the campaign name and brief and long descriptions of the grand prize.

  11. (Optional) Click the Text Formatting Guide hyperlink to use boldface text or a big header.

  12. (Optional) Add a second prize by clicking the Add a Second Prize link.

  13. (Optional) Click the Show Advanced Features link to give your prize a dollar value and place it in a category.

    These categories allow people to browse the Wildfire promotions.

  14. After you fill out the campaign details, click the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the form.

    This step takes you to the Campaign Timeline section.


  15. Choose how long you want the contest to run and then click the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the form.


  16. Choose what information you need from the participants by dragging an item on the left to the blank fields on the right.

    You can also choose to have entrants opt in to your e-mail newsletter, an option that’s available only for standard-level campaigns and higher. Also notice that you can customize the message that people see after they enter the contest by clicking on the Page 2: Invite Friends button at the top of the form.

  17. Select the Age of the eligible participants from the drop-down menu in Step 2 of the Entry Form Page.

    You may have to scroll down to see Step 2. You can select an age range or a minimum age for entry.

  18. Select the Country of the eligible participants from the drop-down menu in Step 2 of the Entry Form Page.

    Once you select the country, you can also restrict the location of the eligible entrants by state or province if you would like your campaign to be for local participants only. You can add several states/provinces by clicking the + button that appears after you have selected one state.

  19. (Optional) Add a URL address to the URL Redirect field in Step 4 of the Entry Form page.

    This will send the participant to the URL specified after they have entered. This is optional and you may not want to redirect people unless you have something special to offer them on your site.

  20. Click the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the form.

    You’re taken to the Banners section, where you can upload your banner.


  21. Click the Save Banner button and then click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

    The Rules tab appears.

  22. Enter the rules for your contest.

    Make sure that you’re following local sweepstakes and contest laws. Also be sure to enter the disclosure statement and privacy policy.

  23. Click Save & Continue at the bottom of the page.

    A pop-up box appears to collect the payment for your campaign.

  24. Make sure the pricing is correct and click the Pay Now button to fill in your payment information.

  25. Decide where to publish your contest.

  26. Click Publish Now (next to the fan Page heading).

    You’re prompted to confirm that this campaign complies with the appropriate local and national laws and with Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines.

  27. Check the box next to the confirmation and then click Publish.

    The next page helps you add the campaign to your fan Page.


  28. Click the Fan Page link to add the campaign to your fan Page.

    In the screen that appears, a drop-down menu lets you select the fan Page where you want to add the sweepstakes. You can read the tutorial first, if you want. You must be logged in to Facebook as your personal Profile, but you select the Page where you want to add the sweepstakes.

  29. Select the Page to which you want to add the Sweepstakes application.

  30. Click the blue Add Page Tab button.