How to Add Facebook Plug-In Code to Your Website - dummies

How to Add Facebook Plug-In Code to Your Website

By John Haydon

Adding a Facebook social plug-in to your site is as simple as embedding a single line of code into your website’s HTML, in much the same manner as adding a YouTube video. After you have the code, you follow these general steps to incorporate it into your website.

Note: You must have access to your website’s source files. If you don’t know where these are located, get your website developer to point you in the right direction.

  1. Open the HTML file for your web page using whatever editor (Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, or a Unix editor like vi) you typically use to make changes to your files.

  2. Go to the spot in the HTML file where you want the social plug-in to appear.

  3. Input the lines of code generated on the Facebook Developers site into the HTML file.

  4. Save the HTML file and, if necessary, upload the new HTML file to your website.

  5. Using a web browser, go to that web page (refresh your browser, if necessary) and make sure that the plug-in appears in the correct location.

In most cases, installing another plug-in is just a matter of using a different line (or lines) of code in Step 3. Refer to the Facebook Developers page for each plug-in for the specific code you need.