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How Students Can Make Use of QR Codes

By Joe Waters

Students are probably the best candidates to actually use QR Codes. They’re digitally-savvy, smartphone-equipped, and eager for as little interaction as possible with teachers and professors. QR Codes in the classroom belong more to them than anyone else.

  • Invest in a QR Code stamp. Use it on everything you turn in so your teacher always has your name and contact information.

  • Share your notes. Forward a QR Code to a friend to give her online access to your class notes.

  • Make some extra money. Put your QR Code on bulletin boards that link readers to tutoring sessions with you.

  • Add depth to presentations. Show your teacher and your class you did your research. Give them the option on your slides of scanning a QR Code for more information.

  • Test yourself. Put QR Codes on objects like stones or bones on a skeleton that will test your knowledge of the names and function.

  • Organize study groups. Hand out QR Codes in class with information on the date and location of the next study group.

  • Party time. Celebrate the weekend in style. Include a QR Code on your next party invite with the time, location, and your phone number.