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How Marketers Can Post to Google+ from Other Places

By Jesse Stay

Using the Google bar (in most Google products), web marketers can post directly to Google+ no matter what Google space you are in. For example, you may be in Google Reader and decide to post about how much you like Google Reader.

To post from the Google bar, follow these steps:

  1. Click Share in the Google bar at the top.

  2. Make your post.

  3. Choose the circles to share with.

  4. Click Share.

That’s it! It’s pretty simple to share to Google+ from just about any Google website.


You can share to Google+ outside of Google, too:

  • Click +1 on other websites. Clicking +1 not only gives rank to that website amongst your friends (and Google itself), but it also brings up a dialog so you can choose your target audience (through circles) and post a comment about that website to Google+.

    More websites are putting the +1 button next to Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet This buttons.

  • Comment inside Gmail. Whenever you post on Google+, you get an e-mail for each comment. Assuming you read them in Gmail, the e-mail messages show embedded comments that you can +1 and manage. (For other clients, you get a separate e-mail for each comment.) Google also lets you comment on a post inside the e-mail itself without having to click a link to go to Google+.

  • Share from Google Reader. If you click the Share link at the bottom of any post in Google Reader (or press the keys Shift+S), a dialog box opens so you can share that post. It’s a simple way to consume and share your news.

  • Use a Chrome extension. Google+ has many Chrome extensions (plug-ins that you can add to the Google Chrome web browser to augment your web browsing experience). Two extensions were made by Google itself:

    • A +1 Chrome extension lets you +1 and post links to pages by clicking a +1 button in your browser.

    • A Google+ notification bubble reveals your notifications in your browser for any website you visit. Plus, you can interact in the extension to post on Google+.

  • Post on your mobile phone. You can post from most mobile devices. There is a mobile web experience for phones that don’t have apps (such as Android and iOS). In fact, on Android devices, for apps that initiate the intents share dialogs, you can share to Google+ within your favorite apps.


Install the Google+ notifications Chrome extension so you can get and respond to notifications even when you’re not on Google products.