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How Education Professionals Can Make Use of QR Codes

By Joe Waters

Education professionals at all levels will find QR Codes to be a viable communication tool, not only in the classroom but in the administration office as well.

Administrators can use QR Codes to enhance communication

School administrators are all about order, communication, and efficiency. QR Codes can help them do their jobs better. These are a few suggestions for the modern, smartphone-toting administrator to use QR Codes.

  • Get feedback. Link a QR Code to a poll or feedback page so students, teachers, and parents can ask questions, share comments, and make complaints.

  • Get fast action. Post a QR Code in trouble spots in the school so you can instantly get a text when a problem arises.

  • Audio tours. Put QR Codes along a guided tour of the school so visitors can listen to audio and watch videos.

  • Information desk. Put QR Codes where students frequently have questions. Scan the code, and it sends a text to someone who can answer questions.

  • Give directions. Place a QR Code at the entrance to your school that links to a Google map of the surrounding area.

  • Hand out grades. Use a password-protected QR Code for report cards and progress reports sent home to parents.

QR Codes help teachers and professors improve learning

QR Codes are a technology that can bridge the gap between students and classroom educators.

  • For meetings. Put a QR Code on your office door and link it to an online calendar such as Tungle so students can check your availability and book a date and time.

  • Share your vCard. Put a QR Code on the chalkboard or in your syllabus the first day of class so that smartphone-toting students can capture and store your contact information.

  • Pique curiosity. Use the QR Code treasure hunt generator at to create QR Codes with questions and answers and post them all around your classroom or school.


  • Enhance the value of textbooks and handouts. Put QR Codes on or in the textbook or on handouts to point students to additional resources.

  • Reduce student excuses. Use a QR Code to add important dates to their calendars. “I know it’s on your calendar. I put it there.” That’s a priceless response to “I forgot.”

  • Ask questions and get answers. Link a QR Code to Quora (at, the online question-and-answer site, where students can see answers to frequently asked questions and can also submit questions. You or other members of the class will be notified of posted questions and can answer them.

  • Get their attention. Post a large QR Code in the classroom offering extra credit to students who scan it and answer a question.

  • Access Wi-Fi. Are you sick of telling students how to log onto the classroom’s Wi-Fi? Use a QR Code to link them directly to the login page.