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How Can Facebook Groups Help Your Business?

By John Haydon

The best way to use Facebook Groups for your business ultimately depends upon what kind of business you have. If the nature of your business is about networking, then you could use groups as a central part of how you interact with customers. For example, businesses such as these can use groups to network with people:

  • Chambers of commerce

  • Membership networks

  • Alumni associations

In these examples, you could create private groups as an additional way to publish exclusive news or content for customers, or alert customers about special sales or events. You can also use groups to share PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Facebook Groups can be used as an additional customer support channel where customers can learn from each other and even answer questions for other customers!

For example, Best Friends Animal Society once used e-mail to communicate with its nonprofit partners. And although there was some success with this approach, many partners were not receiving e-mails or reading them.

Eventually, the organization switched to using a secret Facebook group as a connection point, which has been extremely effective for partner communications.

Another common way that business owners use Facebook Groups is to network and collaborate with people who share an interest related to their business. For example, members of the nonprofit technology community share resources and tips, and even collaborate on projects in a group called Social Media Nonprofit Friends. This group is a secret group in which you cannot see the members or the content unless you are a member.


If you have a local business, like a barbershop or a restaurant, you can use Facebook Groups to create a peer network of local business owners as a way to learn from each other, share best practices, and share promotions that you’re running. In this case, it might be smart to create a secret group so that no customers can see these conversations.

Make sure to establish a set of agreed-upon rules for the group so that everyone is on board with the purpose of the group. For example, you wouldn’t want a group member to show up only to share his own promotion.

Make it clear that the purpose of the group is to support each other so that all the participating local businesses become successful. Make it clear that if members post only news about their promotions, they will be removed from the group.