Highlight Your Products and Services on LinkedIn - dummies

Highlight Your Products and Services on LinkedIn

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

People enter Showcase Pages on LinkedIn through the right sidebar of your Company Page or via a link on each individual Showcase Page. For example, each Showcase Page links to all of your brand’s other Showcase Pages (if you have more than one). So people can see at a glance what’s being showcased whenever they visit any of your pages.

Best of all, people can follow the pages that interest them without having to follow all pages.

What are the benefits of Showcase Pages? Use them to

  • Share in‐depth information about your brand. Rather than a brief status update, Showcase Pages enable you to share any and all necessary information with your LinkedIn community.

  • Share with a target audience. Because people follow only the Showcase Pages that interest them, you’re interacting with people who truly want to be there. The audience is more targeted, and you don’t have to sell as much on your Company Page.

  • Answer questions and receive feedback regarding the showcased element of your business. When people have questions regarding your product or service, they can ask on the appropriate Showcase Page. Talking with you or your team can increase their confidence with the brand, making them more likely to buy. Moreover, you can use this ­opportunity to receive valuable feedback.

  • Increase engagement. Multiple Showcase Pages mean multiple opportunities for having a conversation with your now well‐informed LinkedIn community.

You can create ten Showcase Pages for each Company Page. However, you can delete a Showcase Page if you need to make room for another. If your brand has a lot of things going on, choose the most important items to highlight. You might want to save one or two pages for new product launches or events, instead of using all ten at once.