Google+ Marketing: How to Search for Coworkers and Classmates - dummies

Google+ Marketing: How to Search for Coworkers and Classmates

By Jesse Stay

Many people get into Facebook by searching for old classmates and coworkers and getting in touch with them. Google+ allows web marketers this same type of connection. This can be a good place to start with your marketing strategy. You have to start somewhere and coworkers and classmates are a good place to start a fan base for your product. To find an old pal, follow the steps:

  1. Click the Circles icon on the left side of your Google+ stream.

    Doing so takes you to your Circles page, where you can manage your circles and find new people to follow.

  2. Click Find People at the top of your Circles page.

    Results for the people you find are based on your profile, Google Contacts, and other information. This is where you’ll find your old classmates or coworkers.

  3. Click the All Suggestions drop-down menu at the top.

    You see options.

  4. Click a name, click Find Classmates, or click Find Coworkers.

  5. In either scenario, make sure you fill out the appropriate name for your school or workplace after you click; then select a start and/or end date.