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Friend and Public Followers of Your Facebook Business Page

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

If you have turned on the Follow button for your Facebook business Page, you now have three types of potential followers, and you need to make sure to post items for them:

  • Public Followers: These are people who have followed your Public posts. If you ignore a Friend Request, they automatically become a follower and will see your Public posts.

  • Friend Followers: These are your Facebook Friends. You are following each other. When you create a Public post, your Friends will see it, too. When you create a post and change the viewing icon to Friends, only people in this category will see the post.

  • Followers via Lists: Anyone on Facebook can create an Interest list, which is a list of people and Pages you collect together. You can put all the TV Show Pages on one list, all the Natural food chefs in another, and so on. Then you can click the name of the List in the left sidebar (on the News Feed view) and see only the posts from the people and Pages on that List.

    If someone puts your personal Profile on a list and shares the list, people will be able to follow the list. When that happens, you gain another number in this category. Even though they’re following the list, Facebook gives you the added number. Find Interest lists to follow.

Create your own Interest list in your business niche and add yourself to the list. Then share the list and watch your numbers go higher.

To see who is in each category, click the Friends link on your Timeline. Then click Followers to see the people who are following you.

The friends tab on a Facebook profile page.

Notice that some of your followers have turned on the Follow button themselves, and you can follow them back right from here. (Keep in mind that you will see only their Public updates, also.) Or if you mouse over their name, a hover card pops up, and you can request friendship or see whether they have requested friendship from you and you haven’t responded yet (which is why they appear in your Followers list).

If you’ve been put on an Interest list, you see the name of the list and numbers that are hyperlinked to those people by clicking the Followers via Lists link. See the following figure for a list of several numbers and information to explore.

Followers list on Facebook