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Four of the Most Popular Self-Service Contest Application

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

You can install and set up these contest applications yourself: Wildfire, North Social, Woobox, and Offerpop. The self-service contest applications are also fairly straightforward to set up.

These four applications also include the fan-gate feature where you can display an image telling a visitor to like the Page in order to get access to your contest. Once she likes the Page, the contest entry form is revealed. This is a great feature that ensures that only fans of your Page enter your contest. Using the fan-gate feature is optional if you want to allow anyone to be able to enter your contest.


Wildfire, one of the most widely used contest and sweepstakes applications, is a self-service application that you can easily set up on your own.

Wildfire has the advantage of having an integrated place to enter many contests and sweepstakes from within Facebook. That site is not always easy to find, but it may cause some people who wouldn’t have seen your contest otherwise to stumble across it and enter. Users can browse by category, popularity, start date, prizes, or end date.


A Wildfire campaign starts at $5 per campaign, with a $0.99 daily fee for basic campaigns and $250 per campaign with a $4.99 daily fee for premium campaigns.

North Social

North Social also has a self-service sweepstakes application that’s easy to set up. It doesn’t have a contest application, but it does have many other Facebook Page applications that you can use for one monthly fee, in addition to the sweepstakes application. The other applications include exclusive coupon offers, a newsletter sign-up offer, an RSS feed, and more.


North Social requires you to use an image file, which you need to create. The image file serves as the graphic for your contest on your Facebook Page. You can easily create graphics with a simple program like Paint (for Windows PCs), but you may want to hire a graphic designer if you want professional-looking graphics and can’t create them yourself.

North Social prices by the month and by how many people like your Page. One benefit is that you get access to all the applications, but you may not want to get locked into a monthly subscription cost indefinitely. A campaign for a Page with fewer than 1,000 likers costs only $20 per month (with a two-week trial).


Woobox has a monthly subscription fee that allows you to access all its applications. Currently, it offers four free apps: Pinterest, Twitter, Coupons, and Static HTML Fangate Tab. (The Coupon and Static HTML Fangate Tab apps have additional features if you have a paid subscription.) You can use the Static HTML Fangate Tab application to create custom tabs.

Woobox also has apps such as Sweepstakes, Photo Contests, Polls, Rewards, Instant Wins, and Group Deals; you can access these apps through the $29-per-month subscription service. Woobox has some nice features, such as giving people extra entries in the contest if they get a friend to enter.


Offerpop also has many apps that you can access with a monthly subscription. A nice feature is that you can pay by the campaign or pay a monthly subscription fee if you want ongoing access to all the apps, and if you have fewer than 100 fans, your campaign is free. Offerpop charges according to how many fans you have.

Offerpop has good statistics, such as how many new fans you acquired and how many conversions you had from people who viewed your contest.