Finding Out About Your Pinterest Audience - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

As with all marketing, it’s helpful to understand the demographics of your audience and to compare the demographics of Pinterest users to those of your desired target market and also to users on your other social media channels. After you log in and reach the Analytics page, select the Your Audience tab at the top of the page.

The Your Audience tab offers self‐provided details about your followers and viewers, and those who interacted with your content (for example, with a Repin, Comment, or Like). As you can do with Pinterest’s Profile analytics (see the preceding section), you can filter data by device or by date range to view trends over time. Use the All Audiences menu to filter data to show only the characteristics of your followers. Unlike the Profile data, Audience data is aggregated monthly, not daily.

Additional audience information is further divided into two sections: Demographics and Interests. You can take advantage of this information to guide your selection and organization of future pins and boards.

Distinguishing demographics and interests

The following details are available about your followers and viewers:

  • Monthly average number of the unique impressions for your pins

  • Monthly average for the number of people who repinned, clicked, liked, or otherwise engaged with your pins

  • Demographic information about country, language, metropolitan area, and gender is compiled based on information entered by Pinterest users in their own settings.

Interpreting interests

The Interests view provides insight into three aspects of followers’ activity:

  • Interests: What subject areas your followers are exploring

  • Boards: A visual collection of boards that contain your pins; shows how your audience organizes your material and assesses your brand

  • Businesses: Other business accounts that your audience follows