Find Your Facebook Business Page with the Bookmarks Menu - dummies

Find Your Facebook Business Page with the Bookmarks Menu

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

Facebook used to make it hard to find one’s own business Page, but it created a left-column bookmarks menu with links to everything you need. Click More to see the whole list. Note: You see this bookmarks menu when you’re viewing your Profile’s News Feed.


You can find your Page easily by using any of the following options:

  • Look for the Page name in the left column of your personal account’s News Feed. Any Page that you created or serve as Admin for will be listed there, below the Pages heading. If you’re an Admin for more than four Pages, click the More link that shows up when you hover over the Page names to open a new page with all your Pages listed.

  • Click the down arrow in the upper corner and select your Page name from the drop-down menu. This is the preferred method of navigating to your Page because now you’re officially logged in as your Page and acting as your Page on Facebook.

    The other methods described here result in you still being logged in as your profile while on your Page. That isn’t a problem but may be confusing if you try to go to your Page’s News Feed.

  • Add the Page’s username to the browser bar after After you get a vanity URL, you can add the username to the Facebook URL in your browser bar and then bookmark the URL on your computer for easy access. This is how an URL looks after you add the vanity URL: For example:
  • Use the Facebook search bar. This search bar is at the top of every Facebook page. Start typing your Page’s username, and Facebook displays it for you to select. If your business Page doesn’t come up as you type, type the name of the Page completely and then click the See More Results link at the bottom of Facebook’s suggestions list.

    You may also see the Find All Pages Named choice from the drop-down menu, and then your search term. When you click that choice, you have a list of Pages with that term in the name.

  • This Facebook search function — Graph Search — is pretty powerful. You can type things like Pages liked by to get a drop-down list of suggestions such as My Friends, Members of a Group, and more. You can use the Graph Search to find all kinds of targeted Interests and other Pages.