Facebook Marketing Rule #4: Give Your Page a Human Touch - dummies

Facebook Marketing Rule #4: Give Your Page a Human Touch

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

To give your Facebook Page a human touch, highlight the team behind it. Your fans don’t want to connect with your brand or product; they want to connect with you. As you have likely heard numerous times, social media is about transparency and authenticity. People want to know that they’re communicating with the real you; that’s why first names and photos are the norm on Facebook.

Brands that allow their Page administrators to have real conversations with their fans are much more likely to have active, engaging Pages. Here are a few key strategies to give your Facebook Page a human touch:

  • Address your fans by their first names, and craft your posts in the first-person singular voice.

  • Use a conversational tone in your posts.

  • Encourage your Page administrators to add their names at the end of their posts.

  • If you have multiple admins, add your Page administrators’ photos and bios on a custom tab. This allows your fans to get to know the people who are representing your Page.


Don’t make your Page another static website. Give it a human touch by encouraging your admin team members to be themselves and communicate with your fans as though they were talking to their friends, and give each post that spark of personality.