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Facebook Management: How to Choose a Social Media Manager

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

A social media manager differs from a Facebook Page manager in that the social media manager is responsible for all social media channels, as well as the overall social media marketing strategy. In addition, a social media manager must interact regularly with your internal marketing team (if you have one).

The size of your organization, your overall budget, and your access to resources are major factors in deciding whether a social media manager is right for your business.

In addition, the social media manager must know your company, brand, products, and services well, and must have a strong background in traditional marketing as well as a strong grasp of new media marketing trends.

In a nutshell, social media manager is a higher-level position than Page manager and has many more responsibilities. Whereas you may be able to add the Page manager role to an existing employee’s plate, the social media manager role is more robust and time-consuming, and requires more experience and a higher-level skill set than that of Page manager.

We suggest that you start small. First, identify and test a dedicated manager for your Facebook Page, and hire a social media consultant or agency for just a few months to get you up and running. Then review your activity, and decide whether a social media manager would add value and growth to your overall plan.

Just as you would with a Page manager and admins of your Facebook Page, if you decide to hire a social media manager, make sure to create clear roles, responsibilities, and guidelines for this position.