Facebook Contest Applications for Your Business - dummies

Facebook Contest Applications for Your Business

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

There are a number of applications that you can use to administer contests in Facebook. If you’d like to compare your contest-application options, here are some of the current third-party Facebook contest developers:

  • Wildfire: Wildfire is one of the most popular contest applications. It’s an easy-to-use, self-service application that you can set up yourself, and it doesn’t cost too much to use.

  • North Social: North Social has a sweepstakes application but not a contest application. North Social bundles all its Facebook apps for one monthly fee. Like Wildfire, it’s a self-service application.

  • Woobox: Woobox is similar to North Social in that it’s a self-service application with a sweepstakes option, but it doesn’t have a contest option, and all its apps are bundled for one monthly fee.

  • Offerpop: Offerpop has a suite of 19 different Facebook and Twitter applications to help engage your audience. It’s easy to use and customize. Offerpop is free for Pages with fewer than 100 likes.

  • Votigo: In the past, Votigo was a full-service application that focused on large brands such as Kohl’s and MAC Cosmetics. Now it offers a self-service contest option. If you want to use the custom contest application, you need to go to the Votigo website for prices and details.

  • Fan Appz: Fan Appz has only a sweepstakes option, and you can’t set it up yourself. You have to contact Fan Appz to get it set up.

  • Strutta: Strutta has a very nice photo, video, and text contest application that you can set up yourself. It recently introduced a basic application suite called Mighty Apps that includes coupons, polls, and other tools.

  • ShortStack: ShortStack has a drag-and-drop sweepstakes form that you can set up yourself for a customized look. ShortStack is free for pages under 2,000 likes.

  • Easypromos: Easypromos has a very inexpensive basic version ($15 per promotion) to help you get started with contests or sweepstakes. If you need more features, you can use the premium version ($100 per promotion).

Many of these sites have examples of contests that companies have administered or video tutorials. These tutorials are helpful for showing how the contest applications work and can be good places to start when you’re deciding which application to use.