Facebook Blog-Import Applications - dummies

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

After you have the address of your RSS feed, you’re ready to begin using one of Facebook’s applications to import your blog. But which one? Here’s a list of some ways to import your blog into Facebook automatically:

  • NetworkedBlogs application

  • Social RSS application

  • RSS Graffiti

  • dlvr.it

These applications were developed by third parties (not Facebook). All these applications have some benefits, and deciding which one to use is a matter of preference. As a metric, the number of users can indicate popularity. NetworkedBlogs has more than 100,000 monthly users, Social RSS has more than 10,000, and RSS Graffiti has more than 100,000. dlvr.it doesn’t have a use statistic available.

All these applications are free although Social RSS has a paid option that provides a higher level of service.

NetworkedBlogs is one of the most popular methods of importing your blog posts into your Page automatically. You import your blog into both your Page and your Profile. After you import your blog, a tab appears on your Page that contains your previous posts for people to reference.