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E-Commerce Apps for Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

You can integrate many storefront applications into your Facebook business Page. Many of the hundreds of stand-alone Internet shopping sites (such as eBay and Etsy) are realizing that they need to integrate their sellers’ stores with Facebook to stay current in the space where potential customers are already spending their time and money.

If you’re a retailer or are considering promoting a product or service, you should check with the e-commerce system you’re currently using to see whether that system already has a Facebook integration application.

Go to Appbistro to find applications that are best suited for your type of business. Appbistro is a treasure chest full of applications you can try out on your Page.

If you’re starting from scratch, though, you have many ways of finding the right e-commerce app for your business on Facebook:

  • Search Facebook for “e-commerce” and explore the applications listed in the search results.

  • Note which storefront apps other companies are using on their Facebook Pages.

  • Search allfacebook.com or mashable.com for articles on Facebook shopping applications.


Storenvy is a storefront application. It has a marketplace of independently owned stores. You can open an online store for free, and the Storenvy Facebook app lets you put an interface on your Facebook Page.

When people click to buy your products, they go to your page on the Storenvy site. The application requires no setup fees, no monthly fees, no listing fees, and no transaction fees. You can have an unlimited amount of products, display up to five images per product, and fully customize your store.



Payvment is a professional-grade store application that you can add to your Facebook Page. You can open a store for free. There are two other monthly pricing levels.

Payvment has a Facebook shopping-mall interface filled with all its merchants. You can put items from different merchants in one shopping cart and pay one time. You can easily like and share items with your Facebook Friends.

If a customer leaves your Payvment store on your Facebook Page without purchasing the items in his cart, those items remain in his cart so that the next time he goes to purchase something anywhere on Facebook (using that same Payvment app on someone else’s Page), those items will still be in the cart, queued up for purchase!



ShopTab is a storefront application that’s easy to set up. To use ShopTab, upload your products to the ShopTab website and then add the ShopTab application to your Facebook Page. ShopTab allows people to look through your products on your Facebook Page, but when users click to buy a product, they’re taken to the ShopTab website to complete the purchase.

This application doesn’t have a free version, but it does have a free trial.


Thousands of artists and crafters are listed with Etsy on Facebook Pages. Etsy recently retired its my Etsy app; instead, it has designed a way for users to post directly to the Facebook Page News Feed from the Etsy page.

This method keeps products in the News Feed instead of on a stand-alone app page. This is a good thing, because most people view just the News Feed, and with the higher number of customers using mobile devices to purchase products, the News Feed is the best place to showcase items.

Currently, the Facebook mobile app doesn’t show any custom app pages, so posting directly as an update is a good alternative to consider. Notice, though, that this process doesn’t place a Share link on the post. Someone would need to click through to the product to Share the item on Facebook.



Moontoast has completely redesigned its function. More and more e-commerce solutions are focusing on the News Feed and not so much on a custom app page. Moontoast has developed a post that allows you to purchase right from within the News Feed.



Tinypay.me is another service you can use to create a link back to an e-commerce site. To use this service, you create a product page on Tinypay.me, and the Tinypay.me website creates an embed code that you can place on your Facebook business Page, using the Involver Static HTML iFrames app. You can also post the product’s URL in a Facebook Page status update and forgo the application process completely!


Tinypay.me acts like a storefront because clicking the link takes the user to a page off Facebook where she can buy your product. This service is very easy to implement. Please note that the Page owner also included code for a table, so the items are arranged nicely on the Page.


The Static HTML App by Involver converts the HTML code to an iFrame format that you can use to paste HTML from your store.