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Determining Who to Follow in Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

By Kyle Lacy

Marketing on Twitter can be tricky. You want to follow people that will help your business grow. Not everyone is worth following. This doesn’t mean that these folks are bad people; they just don’t provide the value you need to promote and grow your business.

When you visit a user’s Twitter homepage, check out these three things to see whether someone is worth following:

  • The person’s tweet-to-follower ratio: If someone has more than a few hundred followers and absolutely no tweets, he or she is using one of those get-followers-fast programs. At best, this person is using Twitter incorrectly; at worst, it’s a fake account used to spread spam. If the person fits this description, don’t follow him or her. If someone has a lot of tweets and followers, he or she is probably a real user. Check out the next two bullets to see whether this person is still someone worth following.

  • The person’s follower-to-followed ratio: If the person has significantly more followers than the people he or she follows (for example, someone who’s followed by thousands but follows fewer than 100), this person probably won’t follow you back. Don’t bother following this person, unless he or she is someone you truly want to follow.

    If the person you’re checking out has a lot of followers and a lot of tweets, he or she might be a real Twitter user. Look to see what this person tweets about. Does he or she send out a bunch of spam and commercial tweets? Or are his or her tweets conversational and useful? If it’s the latter, follow that person.

  • The person’s bio: What does this person do? Look for people who share your interests, profession, or industry.

Be very wary of following twitterers whose tweets are adult in nature, given the proclivity of porn sites controlled by criminals and hackers who want to unleash viruses, Trojan horses, and spyware onto your computer. Twitter links to adult sites may take you to some of these infected sites and unleash all kinds of harmful programs onto your computer.