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Deciding What to Tweet About to Market Your Product

By Kyle Lacy

Figuring out what to tweet about for marketing purposes can be tricky. Your first inclination may be to start sending out tweets about your product or service. Come up with a clever statement, insert a URL to your website, and repeat the process about three or four times an hour, right? Wrong.

The professional spammer is undeterred and just starts the whole mess over again, under a different name. But you don’t want that to happen for your business. Your brand and reputation are important. You’ve worked hard to grow and maintain them, so you don’t want to ruin them by blasting nothing but Twitter spam.

You can send out commercial messages, but you need to intersperse them with other types of messages. And you need to balance all the types of messages you send out. Share too much about yourself, and you may come across as too self-centered. If you only tweet questions, you’ll appear as someone who only takes and gives very little back. If you only retweet what others write, it may sound as if you don’t have much to contribute on your own.

Keeping a balance between the different types of tweets can help you grow your follower base and fit in within the Twitter community.

You can send out five basic types of tweets:

  • Personal messages: Information about you, whether you tweet about work, home, or your personal life. You can share as much or as little as you want. Don’t feel that you have to share intimate details of your life.

  • Retweets and replies: Communicate with other people. Respond to their messages and carry on a conversation with them. Talk with these people the way you talk with your friends.

  • Questions: Trying to decide which cell phone to buy? Need to know what the IRS mileage allowance is for your expense report? Want a recommendation on a restaurant to visit while you’re in Boston? Tweet your question to your followers and see what comes back.

  • Commercial messages: It’s okay to send commercial messages on Twitter; just don’t do it all the time. In fact, the recommended ratio is one commercial message out of 10 to 15 other types of messages.

  • Miscellaneous messages: You can send out quotes that inspire you, links to articles you’re reading, songs you’re listening to, and anything that doesn’t fit in the message types in the preceding bullets.

When you’re starting to tweet, you might feel like you have writer’s block, especially if you take my advice to heart about not spewing your content all over the place. So, what do you talk about? Talk about what you know. Talk about hobbies or interests that involve your product(s); manufacturing of your product(s); shows, competitions, articles, and videos related to your product(s); and similar topics.