Creating a Twitter Contacts List for Your Marketing Campaign - dummies

Creating a Twitter Contacts List for Your Marketing Campaign

By Kyle Lacy

After you create your Twitter account, you are given different options to help you in building your Twitter contact list. For marketing purposes, you can let Twitter build your list with your current e-mail contacts. If you need to build a list quickly, this is a great way to do it, especially if you already have an e-mail list of customers and potential customers.

Twitter gives you the ability to use your Gmail, Yahoo!, LinkedIn or AOL e-mail account to search your database of e-mail contacts for people who already use Twitter. You have the ability to find your friends! And Twitter doesn’t share your username and password with anyone other than you. It’s extremely secure.

After you click the Create My Account button (and correctly enter the CAPTCHA) on the Twitter signup page, follow these steps:

  1. On the Interests page that appears, click different topics that may interest you.

    Twitter opens a new page that allows you to find different sources that interest you. If you click a certain section (like Business), you are given different users to follow. You can choose to follow the individuals displayed or move on by clicking the blue button called Next step: Friends.

  2. Click the Next Step: Friends button.


    Twitter searches your e-mail address book and LinkedIn account to show you which contacts have Twitter accounts (if any of them do), so you can conveniently follow them. You can see what the results page looks like after Twitter is done searching your e-mail address book.

    Select an e-mail platform you have an account with (Twitter supports Gmail, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and AOL), and enter your e-mail address and password.

    Twitter will show the different users in your address book who are either already using Twitter or could be requested to join the site.

  3. If you find someone you think should be using Twitter, click the Send Request button.

  4. Click the Follow button (green plus button) to start following contacts who are already using Twitter.


    After you have followed your contacts you have three choices. You can either click the blue Finish button at the bottom of the page, use the search box to search people by name, or go back to the Interests page to search for more users.

  5. Click the Blue Finish Button

If you get a direct message or a tweet from someone who says he or she is from Twitter and asks for your password, report that user because Twitter never asks for that information. (They already have it, so they don’t need to ask.)

You may be concerned that someone can steal your e-mail address or personal identity from Twitter. If so, create a new e-mail address just for Twitter. Use Gmail, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, or AOL to create a new address. Just remember to monitor it regularly because all the notifications about account activity — including people who start following you — are sent to that e-mail address.