Creating a LinkedIn Company Page - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

A LinkedIn Company Page gives your brand a strong presence on an important business and career‐oriented social network. As such, you don’t want to just slap together any old page and be done with it. Put time and care into your page — it’s well worth the effort.

Here are some tips and best practices for your LinkedIn Company Page:

  • Choose a background image that represents your brand. Just as with Facebook and Twitter, your LinkedIn Company Page encourages the use of a large cover image, in addition to a smaller profile shot, such as a logo. Choose an eye‐catching background image that shows off your ­company in the best possible light.

  • Ask your team to give recommendations. Is your company a great place to work? If so, ask the people who work with you or for you to give your brand a recommendation. Showcasing your brand as a good place to work is good for business, as well.

  • Take advantage of the Career Page. If you have job openings within your company, you can highlight them on your Career Page. Those jobs have the potential to appear in front of many more qualified professionals than if you simply took out an ad. Your page will show up in a job search on LinkedIn, adding even more brand visibility.

  • Optimize your page for search. Use relevant keywords to attract searches in‐ and outside of LinkedIn.

  • Check your Company Page every day. Engage with your community on a daily basis. Posting new content each day ensures traffic every day, as well.

  • Use image and video. Mix up your content to keep interest going on your page.

  • Stay on topic. Make sure to share content relevant to your brand.

Before setting up your LinkedIn Company Page, look around to see how other brands are using LinkedIn. You may walk away with some good ideas for your own page, as well as see how your competitors are interacting with the community.

Setting up your brand’s profile

A Company Page on LinkedIn is an important marketing tool. Because people will be researching your brand and interacting with you online, you definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with others on LinkedIn.

You have to have an existing personal LinkedIn account to create a Company Page. If you make up a fake account and LinkedIn suspects you’re using a fake account, you receive notification and your page may become unpublished.

It doesn’t take much time to set up a LinkedIn Company Page. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select Interests, located at the top of any LinkedIn page.

  2. From the drop‐down list that appears, select Companies.

  3. In the right sidebar, click the Create button in the Create a Company Page section.

    The Add a Company screen appears.

  4. Fill in your company name and your business email address in the appropriate text boxes, as shown.

    Use your company information to set up your LinkedIn Company Page profile.
    Use your company information to set up your LinkedIn Company Page profile.
  5. Select the I Verify That I Am the Official Representative of This Company check box.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. In the text box that appears, fill in your company information.

  8. Click Save.

Adding and removing administrators

You may want to appoint an administrator or two for your LinkedIn Company Page. Most businesses let the marketing or social media department handle LinkedIn updates.

You must be connected to the person whom you’re appointing as an administrator. Invite that person to connect if you haven’t done so already.

To add an administrator, follow these steps:

  1. On your Company Page, click the Edit button at the top‐right of the page.

  2. On your company’s Overview page that appears, scroll down to find the Company Pages Admin function on the left side of the page.

  3. Type the name of the person who will be handling the Company Page in the Designated Admins section.

    If you want to remove someone as an administrator, in the Designated Admins section, click the X to the right of the person’s information.

  4. Click Publish, located at the top right of the page

Sharing your brand’s content

Of course, you can’t have a Company Page and not do anything with it. Just like you would on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you should share content on LinkedIn.

Some types of content that do well on LinkedIn include

  • Company news: Share new hires, product launches, event announcements, promotions, and anything of note happening with your company.

  • Industry news: Share news of interest or related to your niche.

  • How-to’s and tutorials: Show how to use your product or service, or offer tips for others in your industry.

  • Business‐oriented images and videos: Don’t forget to add visual elements to your Company Page.

  • Blog posts and articles: If your business has a blog, share posts on LinkedIn. Also, share related content from other brands.

Be mindful of how often you post. If you batter your LinkedIn community with a constant barrage of updates, they’ll consider you too spammy to follow. Most brands update one to three times per day at most, with updates spaced out several hours apart.