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Create Incentives for Repeat Visits to Your Business Facebook Page

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

How do you get your audience to repeatedly visit your business Facebook page? The majority of the close to 1 billion people on Facebook go through a process that may look a little like this: They log in and see the News Feed (the one that Facebook aggregates for them, which might not include your Page posts).

Next, they scan the top 15 or so posts and maybe click through or comment on a few posts. They try to remember where Facebook hid a Friend’s birthday list, and they generally surf around. They don’t look at the ads on the side of the Page. They go to their favorite game, look at the clock, and realize the enormous amount of time that they just wasted!

Another scenario for a smaller percentage of people looks like this: They log in, and they know how to click the Sort link to see either Top Stories or see more Recent Stories. They scan through the ticker commenting, liking, and sharing posts with their Friends. They notice the ads on the side and ask, “How did I get targeted for this one?”

Another scenario that we’ve found for a younger demographic (20–35-year-olds) looks like this: They don’t need to log in, because they never log out; they check Facebook via their phones pretty much all day. They filter their view to see only status updates, and that’s all they view — period.

Currently, more than 400 million active Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phones (and devices). According to Facebook, these people are twice as active on Facebook as nonmobile users are. Make sure that you view your mobile Facebook Page through your phone so that you can see what those people see.

So, looking at these three scenarios, how do you get people to not only view your Page after they initially like it, but also return regularly? Do they need to return to your Page? Can you send everything you want them to see in a post? You need to ask these questions about your business.

Human nature is often predictable. People like incentives. According to research, and especially research on Facebook, try discounts, coupons, competition, acknowledgement, and personal conversation.

Take the time to measure and note your audience demographics. Note whether your readers prefer coupons or contests. (If you don’t know, ask them!) Pay attention to what kinds of status updates they respond to and then do more of what’s working. Think “incentive” all the time. Find things that activate those human qualities that foster engagement.

Here’s a list of actions to try:

  • Ask questions. Use both types to see which works best for you. Encourage conversation by responding to all questions with an answer and another question.

  • Give things away. Give coupons, discount codes, e-books, and other stuff related to your business. Make giveaways a regular activity to encourage return visits.

  • Acknowledge people. Reward your community through activities such as Fan Friday, charity support, and random acts of thanking.

  • Use Facebook-approved contests.

  • Respond quickly. People are impressed when an actual human responds to a customer question or comment.

  • Share the best. Share your best videos, best tutorials, best resources, best quotations — whatever is appropriate for your business to share.

You know what motivates you to seek something out. Analyzing your own behavior can lead to insights about what may work on your Facebook business Page.