Checklist for Adding the Basics to Your Facebook Page - dummies

Checklist for Adding the Basics to Your Facebook Page

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

Do you have your Facebook Page started but you’re not sure what to do next? Once you have it created, you can make your Page look better by adding a few more things to it. Use this handy checklist to help you get your Page spruced up and looking good. Consider these suggestions:

  1. Post a variety of content regularly.

    One of the most frequently asked questions is “How often should I post?” The answer will vary but studies have shown that posting two to five times a day is ideal. If that sounds like a lot, start with once a day. Consider this type of content:

    • Picture of events at your company

    • Videos of behind-the-scenes happenings

    • Questions that engage your audience

    • Links to blog posts that solve problems

    • Links to resources that are helpful for your niche

    • Inspirational quotes or entertaining images related to your niche

  2. Add photos and albums.

    When you post a photo to your Timeline, it is very eye-catching to your audience because it appears larger in their News Feed. A single uploaded photo goes into the Album titled Timeline Photos. If you have an event or a group of photos, create a separate Album so that the photos stay together. When you upload an Album, multiple photos appear together in the News Feed and also are very eye-catching to your audience.

  3. Add videos.

    Adding videos directly to Facebook is a good idea because they are easily referenced later by your fans. You also get information on Facebook Insights on your videos.

  4. Add milestones.

    Milestones appear larger on the Timeline and also appear on the About Page. Milestones can be for special occasions in your business such as a 10 year anniversary or for a significant happening such as a new product or service.

  5. Import your blog posts to your Page.

    Consider adding an app to your Page that will help you import your blog posts either automatically or with just one click. Here are some apps that can help:

    • NetworkedBlogs

    • Social RSS

    • RSS Graffiti


  6. Consider a Facebook Offer.

    Facebook Offers can be a great way to promote a sale or special deal on Facebook. Studies have shown that the primary reason people like a Page is to receive special deals. Make sure you occasionally have something of value you promote on sale and a Facebook Offer is a great vehicle to deliver your deal.

Your Page is more engaging and interesting when you add a variety of posts and a variety of content. Use these six tips to continue to connect with your audience in new ways.