Advertising Options with Facebook Messenger - dummies

Advertising Options with Facebook Messenger

By Stephanie Diamond, John Haydon

It’s well past the time when online marketers debate about the value of mobile Facebook Ads. TechCrunch reports that 85 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue now comes from mobile ads. The key is to present ads on mobile that load fast and look good.

You have several types of Messenger ads to consider:

  • News Feed Messenger ads: These ads are shown in your audience’s Timeline and contain one or more call to action (CTA) buttons. If a user clicks an ad, a Messenger conversation starts.

    To set up this type of ad, go to Facebook’s Advertising page. Click the Create an Ad button in the top-right corner and choose one of two ad objectives that give you Messenger options. In the Consideration column, you choose Messages; in the Conversion column, you choose Conversions.

  • Sponsored messages: You can set up sponsored messages to communicate with users who have previously held conversations with your business. Again, go to Facebook’s Advertising page and click the Create an Ad button. The objective to choose for this is Messages. Then choose the Click to Messenger button and, from the drop-down menu, choose Sponsored Message. Then input your message where prompted.
  • Messenger home placement: This type of ad is related to placement and can be set for any ad objective. It allows you to set up an ad objective and have it show up in Messenger as one of your choices.