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7 Reasons that Images Get Results on Facebook

By Krista Neher

Facebook marketing has grown and evolved over the past few years, and the site is more visually oriented than ever. Facebook has increased the size and prominence of images on its site, and Facebook is now the number-one online photo-sharing site.

Displaying images and photos is a powerful part of Facebook marketing strategies. Check out these seven reasons that images are winning fans on Facebook.

Facebook is cluttered

An average person on Facebook is now connected to 130 people and an additional 80 groups, pages, and events, so, accordingly, more than 200 entities are fighting for one person’s attention.

Businesses on Facebook are competing with pictures of cute babies, acrobatic cats, the latest news, and hysterical YouTube videos. To break through the clutter, you need compelling content, and visual content is, increasingly, the way to provide it.

People on Facebook love photos

People who use Facebook, commonly known as Facebookers, love photos. They tend to click on them and interact with them more than with any other type of content. Photos record 39 percent more engagement than any other type of content, and 93 percent of the top content in Facebook contains photos. See more information at http://blog.bufferapp.com/7-facebook-stats-you-should-know-for-a-more-engaging-page.

People interact with photos, which increases your visibility

When a user logs in to Facebook, she sees status updates from people and pages in her newsfeed. This content is organized in a way that places, at the top, the content that Facebook believes the user is most interested in. If people frequently like, click, comment on, and interact with your page or updates, your future updates are more likely to be viewed. Posting content that people love (such as photos) makes all the rest of your Facebook posts more visible.

Your cover photo sets the tone of the page

When visiting a Facebook page, the cover photo (the large photo at the top of the page) sets the tone of the page. This large image is your opportunity to bring your business to life and connect with your audience.

Your cover photo shows up in newsfeeds

When a user likes your Facebook page, a story is created that is displayed on the user’s timeline and in the newsfeeds of the user’s friends. For example, if you like the Red Bull Facebook page, your friends will see a story in their newsfeeds letting them know that you liked the page. The cover photo from the Red Bull page is then displayed in this update, increasing the visibility of your cover photo. A stunning cover image can mean that more people take notice and like your page.

Inspiring images in ads give you more clicks and better results

If you’re advertising on Facebook, great-looking images can attract more clicks and better results for your ad. Facebook posts guidelines about images used in ads and sponsored stories, but you can still do a lot with them. Use pleasing images to produce more results from your ads.

Images in links are gradually becoming larger

When you share a link to a website on Facebook, Facebook pulls an image from that website to display with your post. The size of the displayed image has slowly increased over the past few years. To maximize the effectiveness of the links you share, be sure that they have images that are interesting and contextually relevant. The larger prominence of images in shared links makes the image a factor in whether people click to see your content.