5 Tips for Marketing on Twitter - dummies

By Kyle Lacy

Effective marketing on Twitter doesn’t require a lot of time. In fact, you need to spend no more than 30–60 minutes per day (in two 15–30 minute blocks) on Twitter. Here are some tips for how to be productive during the time you spend on Twitter.

  • Don’t agonize over what to say: Anything you say on Twitter stays in the general timeline and on people’s minds for all of ten seconds. Unless you tweet something grossly offensive or rip-roaringly funny, people aren’t going to remember what you said five minutes after you tweet it, let alone what you said last week.

    You don’t need to make your tweets profound. Your tweets can contain abbreviations, but remember that is it extremely important to your business’s image to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. Also, you don’t need your tweets to always have a 50 percent click-through rate.

    Falling water drops wear away stone over time — likewise, it may take weeks, and maybe even months, before your frequent tweets lead to increased sales and become a viable marketing strategy. Be patient, stick with it, and just have conversations with people. Let them see the real you so that they can trust you enough to buy from you.

  • Don’t read every tweet from the people you follow: The effective Twitter marketer is following, and being followed by, thousands of people. You just can’t keep up with everyone. So, accept the fact that you don’t have time to read tweets from some people (okay, a lot of people).

    The following list provides a few solutions to finding the people whose tweets you want to read:

    • Follow only people worth following: Hundreds of affiliate marketers and spammers follow you, so ignore them. Find people in your industry, people in your city, and your customers. Keep your list of followers to just the people who write worthwhile tweets.

    • Save keyword searches. Whether you use a third-party tool or Twitter itself, saving searches based on a keyword or phrase is helpful. Look for hashtag topics, keywords in your industry, or current events. Now, instead of having to scan every tweet for that elusive message about the Marble Collecting Convention, you see only the tweets related to that topic.

  • Don’t try to add value to all your tweets: Tweet whatever you want. Just try to add value when you can. For example, you can add value by telling people about breaking news stories, articles in a trade journal, new blog posts, and new resources or software.

  • Do spread out your marketing tweets: Don’t send marketing message after marketing message. The number of acceptable marketing tweets seems to vary from expert to expert, but a good guideline is a maximum of 1:9 ratio.

    Consider a 1:15 ratio as a solid recommendation for your marketing tweet ratio. For each marketing message you send out, you should send out 15 messages that don’t talk about your product at all. You can make those 15 tweets conversational, added value tweets, or even 140-character love sonnets about hazelnut cream cheese on a blueberry bagel.

  • Do stick to a schedule with your tweets: How often do you e-mail people? How often do you talk on the phone? How many days a week do you work? That’s how often you should tweet.