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14 Ways to Maximize the Return on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Jesse Stay

Once you have a company Google+ page, there are ways to maximize the content to ensure people will visit your business page. Below are tips that will help drive traffic to your page and get your company more exposure.

  • Integrate Badges and +1s. You can start doing this integration on your own if you know how to copy and paste. If you don’t yet have the capability of integrating these vital sources of authority, your developer can do it for you.

  • Focus on improving your SEO. An SEO consultant, along with an SEO-savvy developer, can help you take a really customized approach to ensure that search engines like Google find and read what you want them to about your site — and rank it as high as possible in the search results. Use your developer to help implement your SEO consultant’s recommendations.

  • Build social experiences. A social experience is when users visit your website and see their close friends and family there with them. Find ways to embrace the Google+ APIs to learn who each visitor’s friends are on Google+, and build experiences out of those connections.

  • Build social connections into website experiences. You should find ways that your website’s offerings are attached to each individual’s connections on Google+. If someone buys a product, find a way to show the most popular products to each visitor’s friends.

  • Find out what memes are currently popular on Google+. Google+ shows a list of trending topics and hashtags in the upper right of each user’s feed. Pay attention to those indicators. You may notice that every Sunday, people participate in #SacredSunday, or every Saturday, people participate in #Caturday.

    Use this affinity to your advantage, and find posts, ideally related to your brand, that embrace such topics. Include the hashtags in your posts if you can, and then others following those memes will be able to discover your posts and participate in your conversations.

  • Ask questions. Questions are a handy way to get people following your content. If you ask questions that start conversations, you build community among your audience. At the same time, for every person who comments, others who follow your Page or profile will see those posts bumped up to the top of their feeds when they refresh the page.

  • Know your audience. Get to know your audience. Create posts that reflect their interests.

  • Use calls to action! People will not always know what to do when you post on Google+. If you want them to +1 your post, ask them to! If you want them to comment, ask them to, or present a question so they are prompted to respond. If you want them to share, just ask! If you don’t ask, they won’t do it.

  • Pictures, videos, and animated GIFs bring attention. Google+ is a very graphical social network. Posts with images and even animated GIFs bring more attention to your posts. When you catch their attention, people comment. Consider an attention-catching image to go with your content.

  • Measure! Track what days and times work best. What content does your audience like? If you measure, you’ll know your market better — and you’ll progress.

  • Circle people and build relationships. Success on Google+ means adding interesting people to your circles. In particular, add people to your circles who are interesting to you or reflect well on your brand, and then participate in their conversations. People will naturally start following you as they get to know you.

  • Use hashtags to drive people to content. Pay attention to those trending tags on Google+! If the Super Bowl is generating the buzz, make sure you’re doing a promotion on your website around the Super Bowl, and use the hashtags to drive people toward your promotion.

  • Consider contests. Contests are a natural on Google+. A couple of photographer friends used the service to advantage that way: They submitted a new photo every week and asked their audience to post edits of that photo, identified with a particular hashtag. The contest Google+ Page would then share the favorite edits on the Page in a photo album; the edits with the most +1s would win the contest.

    Utilize the strengths that Google+ provides — contests, photos, photo albums, Hangouts, and more — to challenge your audience to compete with each other. There’s nothing like a healthy competition to build community and drive traffic toward an initiative that drives sales toward your company.

  • Social SEO. Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can drive sales like nothing else. If your products or content rank high in search engines, they attract more traffic and sales than many other marketing efforts. Google+ offers plenty of ways to influence your search engine ranking by just using the service.