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What You Need on a Product Detail Page for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

By Ryan Deiss, Russ Henneberry

Product detail pages, also known simply as product pages in digital marketing, are the most important pages on an e-commerce website. When prospects visit your product page and look at the images, read the descriptions, and consume the customer reviews, they are showing interest and thinking about purchasing your product.

The product page is the make-or-break point that determines how successful your e-commerce store is. Your product page needs to get people to ascend to the next level: conversion. So pay extra attention to your product page or pages.

Product images

Although buying online is convenient, it can be a detriment because people can’t physically pick up and examine the product the way they do in a brick-and-mortar store. People don’t buy products on the Internet; rather, they buy pictures of products. To overcome the fact that the prospects can’t hold or touch your product, include as many high-quality images of the product as is necessary to fully convey its features and attributes.

People buy based on what the product looks like, and the more complex or expensive the product is, the more pictures are necessary to successfully show the product.

Image zoom

Give people the ability to zoom in on your product image so that they can get a close look at the product, its texture or features, and how it’s used. Image zoom can also help overcome doubts potential customers may have because it gives people a chance to examine a product before they put it in their shopping cart.

Product description

Be sure to include a well-written product description that is immediately visible on the page so that prospects can quickly learn about the product’s features without having to dig through the page for more information. Don’t skimp on the product description. Describe its unique selling points and how it solves people’s problems or improves their lives.

Aim to create product descriptions with 250 words or more, and include the keywords that you’re targeting within the description. Including those keywords improves the product’s search marketing. Similar to product images, the more complex or expensive a product is, the more detail is required. To improve readability and user experience, organize the product description with headlines, bullets, and step lists.

Product sales video

The product sales video is a great medium to demonstrate the product in use and is an extremely effective tool to make your sales pitch. Products that are expensive or complex do well with a sales video. Also, the product sales video is a fantastic way to overcome objections a potential customer may have. If you do include a sales video, make it easy to find rather than buried at the bottom of the page.

Third-party pitch video

This type of video is also called an endorsement or press video, and it’s basically a second product sales video. Although not essential, third-party endorsements can significantly increase conversion on a product page. This type of video features someone who’s not associated with your brand actively recommending your brand and product. This is similar to a celebrity endorsement, although you don’t need a celebrity for this video to be effective. Third-party pitch videos are often scripted and professionally shot.

Call to action

The call to action on a product page is the Add to Cart button. This button must be highly visible and accessible to the consumer. The Add to Cart button should be easy to locate on both desktop and mobile devices.

Depending on the length of your product page, consider adding multiple Add to Cart buttons so that people can add your product to their cart no matter where they are on your page.


Include reviews, user-submitted content, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section within your product page. Reviews in particular serve as a form of social proof and are like a personal recommendation. Customer reviews don’t have to exist in only written form; they can also be videos. Customer video reviews are one of the best forms of proof you can include on a product page because the video gives potential customers someone to relate to while reviewing your product.

People regard review videos as harder to fake or manipulate than text testimonials, so they carry more weight. The main difference between customer video reviews and third-party pitch videos is that the third-party videos are professionally produced by the business, whereas a customer review video is shot by the customer, likely with his or her cell phone camera.

To get more reviews, both in written and video form, follow up with past customers via email and ask for an honest review; you can incentive your customers to leave reviews by offering coupons and contests.


Amazon.com does cross-selling well with its Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought section, as you can see here, where the site suggests other products that a customer may want to add to his or her cart based on the product that is currently being viewed. Cross-sells are an effective way to increase your basket size, or offer an alternative, related product that may better suit potential customers’ needs, thus ensuring a sale.

Source: https://www.amazon.com
Amazon offers cross-sells in an attempt to increase the basket size of a customer.