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Marketing: Should You Produce an E-Brochure?

By Alexander Hiam

Printed brochures will never entirely disappear, because handing someone a nicely printed brochure is always a good idea. However, in many cases, e-brochures now fill the need of a brochure less expensively, with the advantages of being easy to distribute through a website or blog or by e-mail and being easier to revise, able to be adapted to specific customers or market niches, and able to incorporate more content.

Besides, people are looking for information on their computer, tablet, or phone screen these days, and an e-brochure can be optimized for both large and small screen formats.

Here are some additional features that make e-brochures a great new marketing tool:

  • E-brochures can be created by using online templates or by uploading PDF files generated in more traditional typesetting and design programs or from your word-processing software (but invest in Acrobat Professional from Adobe so you can easily reduce the size of your PDF files until the e-brochure pages load and turn in fractions of a second, just like a real brochure).

  • E-brochures can include embedded links, embedded video clips, and animation (such as an animated drawing showing how simple it is to assemble your product), giving you lots of options you don’t have in print.

  • E-brochure content, when posted on your website, can be reached by search engines, a major benefit you can’t get from printed materials!

  • Some e-brochure publishers (such as FlippingBook) give you good security options so you can direct confidential technical information or confidential proposals only to your intended audience.

Other than these special features, an e-brochure follows the design rules of any good print brochure and should be clear, interesting, well written, and visual as well as verbal. Rough designs can be built quickly in your word-processing program (click and drag in images and/or videos to approximate the final product). Select horizontal rather than vertical for the page setup so as to simulate an e-brochure’s horizontal display.

In addition to FlippingBook, check out the following e-brochure publishing platforms, all of which offer a variety of templates:

  • Digital e-Brochures

  • eBrochure


  • Net Market

  • Snap

When sports car manufacturer Maserati wanted to offer more photos and facts about its various models, it turned to the e-brochure format. A central website displays an array of e-brochures, each with more than a hundred pages of detailed photos and facts, allowing serious shoppers to really get to know each model before they even go to a showroom to take it for a test drive.

Go to Maserati to see how this company, known for its sense of style, makes e-brochures look as good as expensive Italian sports cars. One of Maserati’s design secrets is the use of eye-wowing photographs on every page, some of them spreading across a two-page spread so that the e-brochure is light on text (hard to read on screen) and rich with high-resolution images (pleasing to view on any backlit screen). One further suggestion would be the addition of some video of the cars in action.