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Marketing: How to Find Reputable Sign Producers

By Alexander Hiam

The best, most effective signs usually aren’t do-it-yourself jobs. Take the time to seek out a reputable sign maker to ensure you spend your money wisely. Following are some suggestions for tracking down an expert who can produce your sign:

  • Consult local or regional directory listings when you need to have a sign made. You should find several vendors in your area, but if they don’t have the options or pricing you want, check the web for a wider range of options.

  • Explore web vendors that are able to service many signage needs from a distance. Often, signs can be shipped (depending on size and whether they can be folded or rolled). Take a look at quick, simple options like SpeedySigns or Staples for lawn signs, custom banners, and the like. Build-A-Sign provides a large variety of signs.

  • Consider local copy shops for simpler jobs. Copy shops increasingly provide cheap, high-tech solutions for smaller or temporary signs.

  • Have your sign designed and painted by an artist. Most signs have little real art about them, so when a business hires an artist to carve its name and logo into a big piece of mahogany, the result is something truly special! Check craigslist for local artists or ask for suggestions from the art department of a local college.

Unusual and beautiful signs tell the world that your company is special, too. In fact, a really special sign that’s well displayed in a high-traffic area has more power to build an image or pull in prospects than any other form of local advertising.