Managing Customer Contact Information - dummies

Managing Customer Contact Information

By David Semmelroth

Part of Data Driven Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Database marketing depends fundamentally on being able to communicate directly with your customers. That means that you need your customer address book to be as clean as possible. The following are some key steps you can take to achieve this goal. In most cases, third-party service providers can provide these services at reasonable costs. These considerations apply to not only to physical addresses, but to e-mails and mobile device numbers as well:

  • Standardize names and addresses into a common format. This is a prerequisite for doing both data cleansing and householding.

  • Validate that addresses are deliverable. Sending a piece of mail or e-mail that can’t be delivered is inefficient.

  • Update addresses to account for moves. Mail (physical or e-mail) doesn’t always get forwarded.

  • Keep your opt-out file up to date. It’s very important that you do not send marketing messages to people who don’t want to hear from you.

  • Remove duplicate addresses from your mail files. You don’t want to be sending the same communication multiple times to the same address.