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Location-based Services (LBS) with Location-triggered To-do Lists

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Location-based services (LBS) that let the user associate a geo-tag to a to-do item hold a great deal of promise for a location-based marketer and are gaining in popularity with users.

Imagine the possibilities if you could know that someone intends to make a specific purchase at your store the next time they are there. You could plan offers to get them there sooner, rather than later. Or make offers to sell associated products in addition to the intended product.

  • Geoloqi: This service takes a bit of a different approach than most other applications. The developers combined the concept of geofencing with the concept of “future you.” With Geoloqi, you can create location-triggered events that will remind you of things that you want to do or things that you need to do when you enter certain areas.

    For instance, let’s say that you’re having a conversation with your friend and she tells you about a kind of pastry pocket called kolaches. She swears that the only place you should bother trying a kolache is in Houston, TX, where it originated — and you’re both in Seattle. Luckily, you’re going to Houston in June, but it’s January — and how are you going to remember your kolaches? Geoloqi is how!

    Geoloqi has layers that provide functionality. One of these is called geonotes, which activate when you enter the area that triggers them. You can attach a geonote to the Houston airport so that when you land there in June, you’re reminded about the kolaches.

    Geoloqi is also a platform. People can build layers to be incorporated into the application. The possibilities are as endless as the data streams available. For a brand? The most obvious would be to create a layer that lets someone know when they are near your business.

    There are other cool things you could do to provide good content for people and enrich their experiences. For instance, if your brand is about kayaking, you could tag all of the best kayaking spots everywhere and notify people when they are near.

  • Neer: Owned by mobile technology giant, Qualcomm, Neer can share location with individuals versus wider groups of people. Neer also lets users set reminders that appear when the user has reached the designated area.

    For example, a user can set a reminder to buy paper towels at a specific store, and the reminder appears when the user’s GPS detects that the user is at that store. What’s key about Neer is that it gets closer to the idea of passive check-ins.