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Location-based Marketing to Foodies with Foodspotting

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Foodspotting is a location-based service (LBS) focusing exclusively on — you guessed it — food. Foodspotting takes reviewing food (and taking pictures) down to the dish level instead of keeping it about the restaurant.

This allows your customers to “recommend [their] favorite dishes and see what others have recommended wherever [they] go,” according to Foodspotting. This service is already getting some traction within the restaurant industry. Look for it to gain popularity, especially as foursquare continues to grow. In most social networks, you follow people. In Foodspotting, you can follow people, dishes, restaurants, and guides. It’s really very forward thinking.

Foodspotting is integrated with the foursquare API, which makes it easy to integrate into your foursquare campaigns.

As a marketer, Foodspotting allows you to feature dishes in guides. You can talk to Foodspotting about creating your own guides so that when people spot dishes that are similar to yours, your guide can show in the postspotting screen. These guides give users collections of ideas from brands and critics. Users can even follow guides so that as new content is added, they’re notified.

Everyone loves to eat. Everyone has an opinion. Every brand could have a guide for their area. Some of the guides are event interactive.

Foodspotting shows you foods that are close to you.
Foodspotting shows you foods that are close to you.