Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Satisfaction - dummies

Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Satisfaction

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

As you set goals for your location-based marketing campaign, improving customer satisfaction may come to mind. In social media terms, that means your net promoters significantly outnumber your net detractors.

If your goal is to increase your customer satisfaction, you need to increase your customers’ willingness to recommend your business. High touch offers can play a role here. Think about ways to surprise and delight your customers such as offering lunch with the owner/CEO or wine tasting with the chef or even an hour-long demo of your technology from the VP of engineering.

The KPIs you want to keep an eye on are number of promoters, number of detractors, and a steady increase in cross-posting of check-ins. Look for things like repeat check-ins and even sentiment where available.

A key factor to customer satisfaction is making sure that you are operationally ready to deliver on your location-based marketing campaign. Even with the best offer, your customers are going to be hesitant to recommend your business if you make mistakes fulfilling your offer. Make sure you properly coordinate your marketing efforts with other staff members, so that campaigns run smoothly and customers are happy.

Also remember to reach out to your customers who regularly check in. Let them know that you know that they’re checking in and that you appreciate their business.