Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Loyalty - dummies

Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Loyalty

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Customer loyalty is one of the KPIs most easily impacted by location-based marketing. The beauty of loyalty as a KPI is that a loyal customer base helps many of your other KPIs, including satisfaction, sales, and share of wallet, because loyal customers tend to drive referrals, sales, and customer retention.

To get a gauge of how your business is doing on the loyalty front, you have to look at repeat check-ins, tips, pictures from repeat check-ins, and regular cross-posting on other social networks (particularly when there is positive sentiment).

When you create offers that apply to all of your customers or offers that get better over time, you’re more likely to gain customer loyalty. They’ll keep coming back to you to get additional offers that they’re not getting at your competitor.

A good example of a customer loyalty driver is the program shopkick, which Best Buy (as well as other companies) has rolled out. If a customer walks into a Best Buy with the shopkick app open, she’s automatically checked in and gains kickbucks. She can exchange her kickbucks for gift certificates, donations to nonprofits, and other items.

A customer can also scan items for additional kickbucks and specials. shopkick rewards work across multiple venues, so customers can earn dollars not just by checking into Best Buy but for checking in and scanning items in other stores, including Target, Sports Authority, and Simon Malls stores.

This is good for Best Buy and the other participating stores because they’re all essentially participating in one big loyalty program that’s more fun and engaging than just a company-specific loyalty reward program.