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LBS Providers That Offer a Deals Platform

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

If you are venturing into location-based marketing, it is important to know a bit about potential location-based service (LBS) providers. Providing deals to consumers is one of the most popular differentiators. The deals space is full of options. These are some of the top players in the Deals space.

  • Groupon: Groupon sends users an e-mail with a deal from 50–90 percent off of an item in their area. Users have 24 hours to opt in to the deal. If a predetermined number of people opt in to the deal in the 24-hour time frame, the deal is unlocked and everyone receives the deal.

    Groupon acquired LBS mainstay Whrrl and built a new location-based service called Groupon Now. This allows you to build deals that are relevant for a certain period of time.

    Users can explore neighborhoods for deals using Groupon Now. They see the deal with a timer that shows how long the deal is relevant. They can buy the product from their phone or go to the business to redeem the offer. In the future, Whrrl features may be incorporated into Groupon Now.

  • shopkick: shopkick allows brands to send people on a template experience. It beckons users to check into products in a store in exchange for kickbucks that they can redeem for free stuff.

    The idea of the application is that it gets users to explore a store, gives brands without brick-and-mortar locations a way to give people incentives to interact with their products, and gives the retailer a sense of where people are when they’re in their store.

    shopkick also acts like a virtual circular, so to speak, alerting users to deals within the store when they check in.

    shopkick has deals in place with Best Buy, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Simon Malls.

    A deal on shopkick.
    A deal on shopkick.
  • CheckPoints: Similar to shopkick, CheckPoints is geared toward retailers and consumer packaged-goods companies. It provides points and virtual coins to users for signing up for new applications and scanning products in stores.