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LBS Providers That Focus on Offer Distribution

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

If you are venturing into location-based marketing, it is important to know a bit about potential location-based service (LBS) providers. These LBS providers allow you to push coupons and alerts to customers as they enter a predetermined area so you can snag new customers.

  • NAVTEQ: A media solutions provider with a lot of available marketing services. Among NAVTEQ’s services is its LocationPoint advertising, focused on delivering the right messages to the right people at the right point in time. NAVTEQ also has a mapping and data visualization toolkit.

  • Placecast: Carries the ability to deliver location-relevant coupons to your customers, as well as an ad distribution system that customizes mobile ads based on consumers’ location. Placecast also has a product for optimizing your venue page listings for mobile search.

  • AT&T ShopAlerts: A subscription-based deals network available in only a few cities right now. Brands can partner with AT&T ShopAlerts to send messages to AT&T’s opt-in database. This service is actually powered by Placecast, but the value of AT&T’s ShopAlerts is the aggregate partners who are in the network.

  • nSphere: Provides localized advertising solutions, and with the recent purchase of Peekaboo mobile, nSphere now has the ability to distribute location-based coupons through the native Peekaboo Mobile app as well as with other mobile application partners.

  • Valpak: A coupon distribution network that has mobile and augmented reality capabilities. Valpak focuses on targeting customers based on location, and offers a flexible pricing model.