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Integrate Your Location-based Marketing into Your CRM System

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

With the advent of location-based services (LBS), both customer purchases at your business (CRM) and customer activities outside your business (social networking) can now be captured. The result can be a powerful knowledge of your customer and a fine-tuned, highly focused profile to target prospective customers.

Social CRM starts in one of four ways:

  • Private label communities: These are “invite only” communities where conversations are walled off from the outside world (including search engines). Understanding who is there, what they are talking about, and who they are connecting with is key.

  • Monitoring social networks: Using tools like Radian6, Spredfast, and Scout Labs, you can capture and analyze activity across your social and location-based activity.

  • *Facilitating the sharing of common contacts: If your customers reach you on Twitter or foursquare, you have the ability to acknowledge them across channels.

  • Community product reviews to facilitate the online sales process: If you use a service like Bazaarvoice, make sure you know who is creating, rating, and reading your reviews. Be sure you tie this information to user profiles.

Making the data useful and knowing how much data you need to capture is the trick. You can add social information to an existing contact or create a new contact. Here are a few ideas on what information to capture with your CRM:

  • Grab competitive tweets and manually analyze their sentiment.

  • Collect mentions of your company, product or services and manually analyze their sentiment.

  • Collect check-ins to your business.

If your LBS does not have native integration (an API that allows for two-way flow of data) to your CRM system, then you should create some manual workflow. In other words, you need to give the people who have access to your social media monitoring and measurement a way to enrich a customer or prospect’s profile with information they find on the Internet.

Here are some dashboards/CRM systems to look into:

  • Radian6 is integrated with via an API ( has acquired Radian6, so the integration between the two companies should get even tighter).

  • Buzzient has integrations with Oracle CRM on demand, Siebel,, and SugarCRM. It allows you to “automatically” mine the social web and then create leads and dashboards from your findings.

  • Community platforms like Jive and Lithium give you the ability to generate and manage content and have conversations on your own site.

    Lithium in particular has a brilliant influencer model that allows community managers to figure out who their most valuable participants are. LBSs could be integrated into these systems.