Inexpensive Advertising for Small Businesses - dummies

Inexpensive Advertising for Small Businesses

By Gary Dahl

A few inexpensive advertising options for your business can help you formulate your advertising budget strategy. These inexpensive media advertising possibilities may provide your business just the ads it needs:

  • Online: You can build your own Web site. You can also advertise your business on other companies’ Web sites in a variety of ways that match your needs and budget, including banner ads and e-mail lists.

  • Newspaper: Remember, you don’t need to buy large ads in order to be noticed.

  • Radio: Radio advertisements vary widely in price, depending on the time of day you want. So think carefully about when your target audience is most likely listening and what works best for your budget.

  • Cable TV: Cable television is an affordable media, but if you use it, you need to be diligent about a few details. Here are some questions you need to ask before you buy:

    • On which of the cable channels will my spots run?

    • At what times will the spots run on those channels?

    • In which zones will my spots run?

  • Broadcast TV: TV advertising prices vary widely depending on the time of day. But broadcast television can be affordable in certain time slots.

    Late night, early morning, and even midday time slots may offer just the kind of programming that your target market views. And these time slots are priced within the budgets of most local advertisers.

  • National magazines: Yes, unbelievably, you can afford to buy ads in big-time magazines such as Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and the like by buying advertising in what’s called their regional editions. All the big magazines break down their circulation (and actual printing) into zones or regions, and each region has its own set of advertisements.