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Why You Should Perform an Inbound Assessment

By Scott Anderson Miller

Performing an inbound marketing assessment (IMA) is your strategic starting point. It serves as the foundation for the next step, your strategic inbound plan. In other words, with inbound marketing, you need to learn your starting point before you determine where you’re going. Simply put, you want to start with an inbound assessment because:

  • You’ll begin with the end in mind.

  • You’ll have baseline metrics from which you can measure future digital and inbound marketing initiatives.

  • You’ll provide a framework to fail fast allowing you to fix negative influences more quickly.

  • You’ll see digital marketing opportunities more clearly.

  • You’ll identify roadblocks to achieving your marketing objectives.

  • You’ll know where to focus your efforts.

  • You’ll be able to prioritize initiatives based on projected contribution to the marketing goals.

  • You’ll have a document from which you can formulate better inbound and digital marketing strategies.